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What About: Halloween SPOOK | OUT NOW!

  • £29.90

Together with this pack you will also get:

"PUMPER: Saturator" and "Hybrid Trap Crew" for FREE (Worth £35)!

BOO! Gotcha! Halloween is just around the corner and we have some scary good samples to give you!

There is a certain feeling when Halloween begins to approach, a weary sense in the air that there is something out there. And that something is What About: Halloween SpookHere is a pack based on the Hybrid Trap genre. An intensely gory genre that is punching through the EDM Industry

Mastering the art of Sound Design is not an easy thing to do, it takes some time and patience to get to that point. But with What About: Halloween Spook, you will surely be able to slice your way through the EDM scene!

Hybrid Trap is a complex genre that combines the elements of Trap and a heavily influence of Dubstep. The Dubstep basses slash through the mix, making it extremely powerful. The Trap drums which are mixed perfectly with some of the Dubstep drum elements to make some spooky and full Drum Hits. 

But it doesn’t stop there, grabbing yourself a copy of What About: Halloween Spook and get our Helper Saturator, one of the best Saturation plug-ins ever developed, and What About: Splice Hybrid Trap Crew, which was ONLY available on Splice until now, for FREE! This is an amazing BONUS!

So, scare the lights out of people with What About: Halloween Spook! 

And have an amazing Halloween!

Here is what you will get in What About: Halloween Spook, the size of this pack will make your skin crawl!

• 5 Construction Kits | + Full Length Ableton Templates!

• 31 Brass Shots

• 262 Drum Samples (808s, Kicks, Claps, Snares, Cymbals, Snaps)

• 15 Drum Loops

• 10 Foley Samples

• 26 FX

• 20 Melody Loops + MIDI

• 40 Serum Presets

• 20 Synth Shots

• 8 Vocal Melodies

• 36 BONUS Melody Loops

• 40 BONUS Synth Shots

• 3,16 GB Of Content (Unzipped)

 100% Royalty Free

FREE Bonus Content: 

+ PUMPER Saturator Plugin (Worth £10.95)

+ Hybrid Trap Crew (Worth £14,05)

• 10 Brass Shots

• 20 Synth Shots

• 150 Drum Samples (808s, Claps, HiHats, Crashes, Kicks, Percussion, Rides, Snaps, Snares)

• 20 Melody Loops


Q: Can I use any DAW with these samples?

A: Of course! W. A. Production has crafted these samples to work in any DAW you use!

Q: What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

A: Users can pay either using many different pay methods such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and many more!

Q: What Plug-ins will I need?

A: We do Sound Design in many different Plug-ins like Sylenth1, Xfer Serum, Spire and Native Instruments Massive. 

Q: What if I have a question about the product I purchased?

A: You can head to our social media pages and ask a question via Private Message, go to our Discord and ask a question in the Question channel, OR send an email to info@waproduction-samples.com!

Q: Are these samples Royalty Free?

A: Yes! Our samples are 100% Royalty Free, but not available for Re-Sell.

Together with this pack you will also get "PUMPER: Saturator" and "Hybrid Trap Crew" for FREE (Worth 35 GBP)!


Hello our wonderful and amazing supporters!

The W. A. Production team wanted to scare the lights out of you with What About: Halloween Spook, and we believe you can make some of the most intense and crazy sounding Hybrid Trap that anyone could ever dream of. Scary as it may be, What About: Halloween Spook is one of the most in depth Hybrid Trap packs we have ever created. 

As a production company that specializes in creating Samples and Presets, we understand the struggle of getting a decent understanding on the fundamentals of Sound Design. It can take days, weeks, months or even years to understand how plug-ins assist your Sound Design techniques as well as general Foley recordings. What About: Halloween Spook is full of all of the Samples and Presets that use many different techniques. Some of the best ways to understand how Presets and Samples are made, is to deconstruct the Presets and Samples to gather the process that went into creating and finding the sound of the Presets or Sample. 

I know what some of you could be thanking, “What makes What About: Halloween Spook so special?” Well, that is a relatively complex question, BUT does in fact have and answer. What About: Halloween Spook is a very unique with a very unique sound. Sure, there are many, MANY Halloween packs about to release, but you have to look deep into the packs to see what separates them all. What About: Halloween Spook has many different sounds and samples, Serum Presets, Foley Samples, FX samples, Scary Vocal Melodies and MANY other spooky and complex samples and sounds. This will without a doubt make What About: Halloween Spook stick out from the other thousands of Halloween packs!

You could also be wondering “Well how are Foley Samples going to help me in my projects?” That is a fairly easy answer, Foley Samples are not lead samples, they do not need to poke through the mix and be the center of attention. Foley Samples are accent samples, they are meant to drive the emotion and ambiance of the track by sometimes setting a scene, for example in What About: Halloween Spook, you could arrange the Foley Samples to create a spooky and creepy scene when mixing the samples with the Vocal Melodies and or main Melody Loops. Foley Samples are a great way to fill empty spaces in a track as well.

Another question that comes out of our past pacts is “What makes these Drum Samples different than your other Hybrid Trap packs” Drum samples are not a very easy thing to perfect. Actually, Drum samples are one of the many difficult things to master the craft of. Kicks for example are made of a few separate parts then put together and mixed down. The transient, the mid range bass tone, the low sub bass tone and the noise. Transients are usually the sound you hear at the very beginning of a Kick sample. Good Kick samples have a very impactful sounding opening transient that drives through the frequency and elements of the track. The mid range bass tone and the low sub bass tone are meant to fill those frequencies on the spectrum to push the beat in a direction. And the noise is meant to fill any high frequencies, if you for example use a White Noise layer. What About: Halloween Spook uses these techniques to bring a new light to the Drum Samples game. Full of many powerful Drum Samples to choose from, What About: Halloween Spook will bring a whole new sound to you mix.

We know a lot of you will be eager to grab this pack, and for that we thank you, it means so much to the team when you guys get hype about the work we put out. And the fact that you get some super crazy BONUS content along with one of the most eclectic Halloween packs on the market makes this deal a who lot more special. 

From the team at W. A. Production, make some scary and chilling Hybrid Trap tracks with What About: Halloween Spook!

Kindest Regards,

The entire W. A. Production staff!

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