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What About: EDM Full Length FX Lines 2

  • £7.50 £9.95

'What About: EDM Full Length FX Lines 2' from W. A. Production is the second volume of this famous FX lines series. This part contains over 2.7 GB of FX loops divided into 77 FX Lines. This pack allows you to save a lot of time by not adding and mixing tons of effect samples in your songs. Just pick which one of these lines you like the most and drag it right into your banger. 

Build up effects, white noise sweepers, impacts, risers, claps and snare hits, even cymbals (rides, hi-hats, crashes) are included. Every FX line is completely mastered and created to bring some more power and freshness into your tunes.

Made for all EDM producers out there. Divided into 120 (2 Loops), 122  (2 Loops), 124 (4 Loops) and 128/130 BPM (69 Loops) Folders. FX lines length is from 1 to 4 minutes.

Nothing average, only the best and freshest samples from What About's producers' banks were used to create this awesome pack.

Product Details:

• 77 FX lines
• Full-Length FX Lines 
• FX Loops length: 1-4 minutes
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Multi-Genres

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