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Monsterpet House

  • £14.90

Record Labels, a place where people want their music to end up. Each record label has a sound they look for, and they never usually 2 producers to have the same sound. However, some labels love a certain sound and love producers that fit that sound. Big EDM has just come up with a pack that is a must have if you are wanting to breach a label deal. This pack will show a new sound to the House genre as a whole, and separate your sound from the others.

Big EDM: Monsterpet House is one of those packs that has that beautiful yet intense and grimy sound that the amazing record label known as Monstercat is looking for. Monstercat supports a crazy amount of producers around the world as well as a plethora of genres, they basically have no limits when it comes to EDM. Monsterpet House is a pack derived from a deep and eccentric House music sound that will make you an individual in the House scene.

What you can expect to see inside of Big EDM: Monsterpet House!
-    5 Construction Kits + the MIDI and Presets

Bonus content such as:
-    15 Drum Loops
-    30 Claps
-    30 Cymbals
-    30 Kicks
-    30 Percussions
-    30 Snares
-    20 FX
-    15 Melody Loops + MIDI
-    20 Synth Shots
-    30 Sylenth1 Presets
-    33 Serum Presets

That’s 283 BONUS files!

That’s 220 BONUS samples!

“Why so many Construction Kits!?”

As we have said, our Construction Kits are an amazing recourse for all producers. They are designed to show producers the fundamentals of how tracks in a certain genre are made and what goes into them. We often times include all of the stems for each element as well as some of the samples and or the Presets used to create the sounds.

The Quantity of the Construction Kits in this pack specifically is to show how the individual styles of modern House are created and how exactly they were made. In this packs Construction Kits, you get of course all of the stems of all of the elements in the demo track, as well as the MIDI and Presets. The MIDI allows you to somewhat recreate the track either using the Presets provided in each Construction Kits OR use your very own!

“BONUS Content you say, what is in that?”

We have decided to bless all of you with some amazing BONUS content in this pack. Big EDM Monsterpet House is already jammed with amazing resources in the Construction Kits alone, but we feel that is not enough. This pack comes with some intense BONUS content such as; Drum Loops, Drum Samples, FX Samples, Melody Loops + MIDI and Synth Shots.

We felt we would offer all of this content because we know you will want to spice up the reconstruction of the Construction Kits with some fresh new House samples. Theses samples were created after hours of studying how modern House is made and exactly what the listeners of the EDM community are wanting to hear. Our team has nailed it when it comes to replicating that specific and crazy sound, but also allowing users to stand apart form the other producers in the modern House game already.

“These Drum Loops, how useful are they?”

Absolutely! These Drum Loops are a complete Drum Loop, with Hi-Hats and other Cymbals, Kicks, Snares and Percussion noises. The loops are perfect for dragging and dropping them into your track incase you don’t know how to write the perfect House drum rack. The Drum Loops are also mixed and EQ’d, but not a crazy amount so you can EQ them to your liking if needed. The Kicks have an amazing punch and the Snares have that crisp snap to them to drive that rhythm from the beginning to the end of the track.

“What can I expect in the FX for this pack?”

The FX section of this pack is great in many ways. To name a few, it has the ability to add a whole new atmosphere to your track. FX in an EDM track, and in most tracks to be honest, is a big part of the production. The FX in this pack are perfectly made to fit modern House genres. The FX include; Cymbal FX, Impacts, Up Sweeps and Down Sweep. Making FX for EDM can be challenging but is totally necessary, because a lot of the ambience and elemental balance comes from the deep tones of the Impacts or the bright highs of the Up and Down Sweeps.

“Do the Melody Loops have customization capabilities?”

The Melody Loops come premade with a specific sound and tempo. However, we want you guys to be able to show your own sound and even change the melody to fit how you like it. We have added the MIDI for every single Melody Loops in this pack so that you can add your own flavor. Create a preset and use that on one of our MIDI files, even change the arrangement of the notes in the piano roll. It’s endless the amount of customization aspects you can do with these Melodies.

“What is the need for these Synth Shots?”

Synth Shots are, believe it or not, an important part of a track. The intro to a track, the first sound in a drop, the off beat synth you hear in tracks are all known as Synth Shots. Even Bass one shots are classified as Synth Shots. We have included a vast amount of Synth Shots for all of you to go through and choose the one that fits you tracks over all sound and design. The correct placement and knowledge of the key your track is in compared to the Synth Shot can make these little samples extremely powerful and completely useful.

“Can I expect these Drum Samples to sound? Can they possibly replace my current House drum library?”

These Drum Samples are designed to beef any House track up with no problem at all. The samples include; Kicks, Claps, Cymbals (Open Hats, Crashes, Closed Hats and Rides), Snares and Percussions. The Kicks are important in a House track because they drive the beat and the rhythm in basically any and all House tracks. Snares and Claps are a great layer to add some change up and some snappy mid range sounds to brighten that spectrum up. Cymbals of all kinds are good for impact, build up and offbeat or on beat repetitive groove providers. And Finally, Percussions are great fillers. There are always empty sections in music. Percussions can range from Clicks, to Snaps, Bangs, Ticks and even Cloves or small Cymbal taps. Each has its own unique area of expertise. Using these Percussions wisely and effectively can make a huge difference!

We put tones of time into this pack, and we hope it is noticeable. We want all producers to have as many samples, presets and other resources as possible to bring them creativity and originality. So, on behalf of W. A. Production and Big EDM Sounds, enjoy Monsterpet House!

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