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What About: Huge FL Studio Dubstep Template

  • £6.60 £11.00

'What About: Huge FL Studio Dubstep Template' is a massive FL Studio project which contains seven Sytrus and three banging Harmor presets, plus drums and FX samples made by What About's best producers, especially for this pack. This pack will definitely increase your knowledge in FL studio mixing and mastering, also in making bass modulations and drum loops. Arpeggios, melody synths, melody variations, bass drops, and much more awaits you.

Equalisers, compressors, distortions, limiters, filters, delays, stereo effects, reverbs - all these effects are used in 'What About: Huge FL Studio Dubstep Template'. If you want to know how producers use these presets and how they created all of their Sytrus and Harmor basses, and if you want to have bunch of fresh new presets, this great pack is ready for you.

Product Details:

• FL Studio Project v11.0.0
• Named & coloured channels, automations & samples

Product Details:

• FL Studio Project
• 140/70 BPM
• MIDI & WAV Files Included
• 100% Royalty-Free

System Requirements:

Compatible with FL Studio V11.0.0+.

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