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What About: FL Studio Mastering Chains

  • £7.45 £9.95

'What About: FL Studio Mastering Chains' is a completely unique pack made by W. A. Production's sound engineers and containing 15 professionally prepared and ready-for-action mastering chains for FL Studio. These mastering chains are divided into three sections, FL Studio, Izotope Ozone5 and Combination.

'What About: FL Studio Mastering Chains' is a powerful tool for all producers of EDM, Trap, House and Urban styles. You'll find a wide variety of mastering techniques prepared with maximum precision to bring you as strong and fat a sound as possible.

In detail you'll find three folders containing the following categories of mastering chain.

FL Studio: 

These chains make use of FL Studios built in effects and processors such as Fruity EQ 2, Compressor, Multi-band Compressor, Maximus, Soft Clipper and Limiter. You'll find various combinations of these effects each employing different techniques.

Izotope 5: 

These chains make use of Fruity EQ 2 and Izotop Ozone 5 (not included with this product). 


These chains use a variety of plugins for a complete mastering solution including Fruity EQ 2, Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Pro-L and Pro-DS, Waves C6, SSL Compressor, LinMB, L2 and Izotope Imager (all purchased separately).

Product Details:

• FL Studio Project
• 15 Mixer Presets
• 100% Royalty-Free

System Requirements:

• Compatible with FL Studio V11.0.0+ 

Please Note:

This product includes presets for third party plugins which are not included with this download. Please ensure that you own the plugins listed above if you want to make full use of these mastering chains.

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